Keep your e-Ledgers safe, and easily share secondary copies with the Revenue Administration

Keep your e-Ledgers with the assurance of eLogo and share secondary copies automatically and free of charge with the Revenue Administration. Experience the convenience of being able to view anytime and anywhere.

Everything you want to know about keeping your e-Ledgers!

Using the e-Ledger Keeping service, you can share your e-Ledgers automatically with the Revenue Administration and leave time-consuming operational business processes behind.

  • Safe Recording

    Safely store your e-Ledger records digitally.

    Easy Integration

    With one click on the eLogo portal, you can enable the automatic keeping and sharing with the Revenue Administration.

    Revenue Administration Integration

    Share secondary copies of your e-Ledgers with the Revenue Administration without spending ay extra efforts.

    Compliance with Applicable Legislation

    Perform your transactions safely thanks to the structure that complies with the current standards of the Revenue Administration and is updated based on amended legislation.

    Affordable Pricing

    Spend 1.5 credit for every 1 Mb storage of your certified e-Ledger files in their original size during the regulatory storage period, and share them with the Revenue Administration for free.

    Excellent Support

    With eLogo, from the moment you start using the e-Ledger application, you can instantly access our technical support and solutions for all your questions or problems quickly and safely, regardless of your current software.

Turkey’s “e” is the best integrator for the 6th time!

We received the first prize for the “e-Invoice, e-Ledger, e-Archive Services of the Year Award” in the Turkey-based Manufacturer category for the 6th time in a row at Bilişim 500.

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