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Digital Transformation can be defined as the transfer of the activities of individuals and institutions to the digital environment quickly, saving money and time by using information technologies.


e-Invoice is an application created by the Revenue Administration to ensure the secure and proper exchange of invoices between the seller and buyer digitally and using an internet connection, where the data format and standard are set by the Revenue Administration and issued as electronic documents, and the information required to be included in an invoice according to the Tax Procedural Law.

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Create and keep your invoices and reports easily with eLogo e-Archive application, which can be integrated into all ERPs and software.

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With the eLogo e-Ledger application, which can be integrated with all ERP and software, create your Journal and General Ledger documents digitally, send them to the Revenue Administration easily and quickly, and store them with eLogo assurance and view them whenever you want.

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e-Dispatch is the digital version of printed dispatches issued for logistics activities. All taxpayers that meet the conditions stipulated by the Revenue Administration are required to use e-Dispatches. e-Dispatch, which is easy to issue digitally, contains information about the issuing company, recipient, dispatch date and time, and the goods being transported. Therefore, the probability of the staff using the application experiencing adaptation problems after e-Transformation is very low.

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