Your account books are now safe

Create your commercial ledgers in the digital environment and keep them safe thanks to the assurance provided by eLogo, and benefit from the comfort of viewing them anytime, anywhere.

Bring your company into the future with e-Invoice

e-Invoice allows you to digitalize your invoices, reducing business processes and increasing trade, improving your company's efficiency. This enables you to direct your resources to the areas that increase your company's competitiveness.

Digitalize all your invoices with e-Archive

Enjoy the convenience of digitally sending and storing the invoices you issue to your customers and end consumers who are not e-Invoice taxpayers.

Digitalize your shipping processes to speed up your business

e-Dispatch allows you to create your delivery notes digitally and stay one step ahead of your competitors by accelerating shipment processes and trade.

e-Ledger e-Ledger
e-Invoice e-Invoice
e-Archive e-Archive
e-Dispatch e-Dispatch

Products facilitating digital transformation

Meet with eLogo's digital transformation solutions that make your financial processes easier, reduce your expenses, save time and keep you up to date with the new era.

What is an e-Invoice?

e-Invoice is an application created by the Revenue Administration to ensure the secure and proper exchange of invoices between the seller and buyer digitally and using an internet connection, where the data format and standard are set by the Revenue Administration and issued as electronic documents, and the information required to be included in an invoice according to the Tax Procedural Law.

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Everything you want to know about e-Archive!

Create and keep your invoices and reports easily with eLogo e-Archive application, which can be integrated into all ERPs and software.

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Everything you want to know about e-Ledger!

With the eLogo e-Ledger application, which can be integrated with all ERP and software, create your Journal and General Ledger documents digitally, send them to the Revenue Administration easily and quickly, and store them with eLogo assurance and view them whenever you want.

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What is e-Dispatch?

e-Dispatch is the digital version of printed dispatches issued for logistics activities. All taxpayers that meet the conditions stipulated by the Revenue Administration are required to use e-Dispatches. e-Dispatch, which is easy to issue digitally, contains information about the issuing company, recipient, dispatch date and time, and the goods being transported. Therefore, the probability of the staff using the application experiencing adaptation problems after e-Transformation is very low.

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Why eLogo ?

Streamline your digital transformation processes with the infrastructure that can be integrated with all software, expert staff, and customer-oriented service approach of eLogo, the “e” of Turkey. Its infrastructure quickly adapts to new or changing legislation, enabling you to run your digital processes easily.

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The leader in digital transformation

Many leading companies prefer eLogo as its private integrator in digital transformation.

Custom-made solutions

Develop unique solutions depending on customers’ needs to give them a competitive edge.

Customer focused

Thanks to its expert staff and high service quality, it provides fast solutions to all kinds of problems to more than 130,000 customers.

Excellent service independent of ERP

As its infrastructure can be integrated into any ERP and software, it also offers services outside the Logo ecosystem.

Fast compliance with legal amendments

Its infrastructure quickly adapts to new or changing legislation to enable you to carry out your digital processes in compliance with the Revenue Administration.

Turkey’s “e” is the best integrator for the 6th time!

We received the first prize for the “e-Invoice, e-Ledger, e-Archive Services of the Year Award” in the Turkey-based Manufacturer category for the 6th time in a row at Bilişim 500.

What our users say

Our margin of error is reduced to zero!

We can automatically send our e-Documents to the RA (Revenue Administration) without ever leaving the ERP screens. This saves us both speed and time. Thanks to eLogo, our margin of error is reduced to zero.


Euro Gıda, Information Technology and Digital Transformation Manager