Check and Invoice Discount application is ready for use!

Speed up your access to cash with the Check and Invoice Discount application. This app we developed with Innovative Financial Technologies benefits from alternative financing resources to turn your checks and invoices into cash before their due date.

Everything you want to know about the Check and Invoice Discount application!

With the ERP Check and Invoice Discount app, you can send your checks and invoices to integrated factoring companies and inquire whether you can convert your deferred receivables into cash earlier than their due date.

  • Cash Access

    You can accelerate your money flow by converting your financial values , such as checks and invoices, into cash through Deniz Faktroing and Tam Faktoring.

    Easy to Use

    You can simply check your ERP solution to learn whether factoring can be made for your checks and invoices without going to a branch.

    Affordable Pricing

    The Check and Invoice Discount app is free, and queries do not require any fee.

Turkey’s “e” is the best integrator for the 6th time!

We received the first prize for the “e-Invoice, e-Ledger, e-Archive Services of the Year Award” in the Turkey-based Manufacturer category for the 6th time in a row at Bilişim 500.

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