Privacy Terms of Conditions

Privacy Terms of Conditions

1. General: By using this website, you are considered to have read and accepted the terms and conditions of confidentiality and security. If you do not believe you can satisfy the requirements under the terms of confidentiality, you should not use this website. Additional terms and conditions may apply regarding using certain website sections or the interaction to be established with these sections.

2. Monitoring/Amendment of Terms of Confidentiality and Security: LOGO (“Website Owner”) reserves the right to amend or introduce additional terms to the terms of confidentiality and security at any time without any advance notification. The amendments made shall be announced on this page to provide information about the quality of the information collected during the use of this website, how it is used, when this information is shared with others and all necessary terms of confidentiality. The terms must be regularly monitored and read as the Website Owner reserves the right to amend the terms of confidentiality. The use of this website after such an amendment is made shall be considered as the acceptance of the amendments in the terms of confidentiality.

3. Open System: Users (a general definition which means every individual who visits the website, including members, if any) are aware, and agree, that the internet is not a reliable environment, that communication over the internet has risk, and any information, including personal data, passwords, etc., may be subject to the illegal acts of third parties. The Website Owner does not give any guarantee regarding security or acts of bad faith.

4. Safeguarding of Information: The Website Owner shall make maximum efforts to ensure the security of all pages on the website. Various technical and administrative practices are used to protect the data recorded on the site's confidentiality, security and integrity.

5. Websites of Third Parties: This website may include sub and upper sites operated by third parties that the Website Owner does not manage or control and may provide connection to/link to/information about such websites. The Website Owner does not provide any guarantee or make any particular undertaking regarding these websites, their contents, security, confidentiality policies and continuous communication with or by them. The responsibility belongs to the terms on the websites of third parties. The terms of security and confidentiality on those websites should be read before performing any transaction. The Website Owner shall not be held responsible for the personal data provided to, the contents and services used, and the confidentiality policies and practices of those websites.

6. Website Utility Programs: Utility programs may be required to be used for the user to use certain sections of the website. If such sections are used, the data regarding how they are used and their scope may be recorded in the website database. Moreover, for easier use of such sections, we may use certain “cookies” and send certain information to the users via these cookies.

7. Personal Data:

i. As per Article No. 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data (“Law”), any data pertaining to an identified or real identifiable person is considered personal data (“Personal Data”). For the User to visit, use or receive services, if any, via the Website, their name, surname, phone number, email, IP details, date and time of use should be forwarded and disclosed to and saved on the Website. The User is deemed to have accepted that the Personal Data they have forwarded, disclosed or recorded will be open to LOGO under the conditions set forth in these Website Terms and that they have disclosed this information and that any Personal Data they disclose, record or save to the Website lose their confidentiality to LOGO.

ii. As per Article 5 of the Law, LOGO may automatically process, either in full or in part, the said personal data for legal reasons stipulating that "the personal data pertaining to contractual parties should be processed and the said processing is mandatory for the data controller to fulfill their legal obligation, provided that it directly relates to the conclusion or performance of the contract". In case the User has provided their explicit consent, such Personal Data can also be processed for other purposes stated in the Information Text submitted for the information and/or approval of the User on the Website and/or various areas.

iii. Sensitive Personal Data: Unless required by laws, LOGO will under no condition ever request Users to provide data about their race, ethnicity, political beliefs, philosophical beliefs, religion, sect or other beliefs, dressing, association, foundation or union membership, health, sexual life, criminal convictions and security measures or biometric and genetic data. LOGO hold no responsibility in cases such information is given or disclosed to the Website or saved on the Website.

The Policy on the Protection, Processing, Safekeeping and Destruction of Personal Data that is available on the Website and includes detailed information about personal data is an integral part of the Terms of this Website

8. Violation of Privacy and Security Terms: In case of a failure to comply with the terms of confidentiality or any attempt to violate the rules, the Website Owner reserves the right to (but is not obliged to) reject the existing information on the system, exclude contents, and delete, suspend or terminate the access of the users of the website and to cancel their memberships and services without any advance notification, regardless of whether the violation has been achieved or not. This rule shall apply to any indirect or attempted violation by a third party acting on behalf of the user.

9. Information and Contact: You can send an e-mail to for further details on the confidentiality policies of the website.