Accelerate your collections in digital environment with eLogo e-Collection.

Accelerate your collections by offering your cash-strapped customers and dealers the opportunity to pay with credit and debit cards, and increase customer satisfaction with alternative payment methods.

Everything you want to know about e-Collection!

With the eLogo e-Collection product, you can collect your receivables with a credit or debit card via virtual POS in digital environment. Moreover, by adding a payment link button to applications such as e-Invoice, e-Archive Invoice or e-Reconciliation, you can receive digital payment by card.

  • High Collection

    In order to improve your cash flow, you can receive your payment from your customers and dealers on time with Logo e-Collection. Furthermore, you can enable your customers to register their card details to the e-Collection infrastructure in order to facilitate their next payments.

    Corporate and Professional Collection

    While requesting payment, you can offer alternative methods with credit and debit cards, and you can manage your collection processes in a more corporate and professional manner.

    Personalized Collection System
    You can create a special collection page for the payments of your dealers and business partners and collect the debts of your customers instantly.


    With the infrastructure that is compatible with PCI DSS Level 1, the highest standard in credit card data and transaction security, you can enable your users to complete secure payment transactions.

    Installment Plans

    You can facilitate the payments of customers with the opportunity to pay in installments against collection difficulties.

    No Need for Your Own Virtual POS

    Besides using your own virtual POS for collection, if you do not have a virtual POS, you can evaluate the advantageous rates offered by our solution partner.

Turkey’s “e” is the best integrator for the 6th time!

We received the first prize for the “e-Invoice, e-Ledger, e-Archive Services of the Year Award” in the Turkey-based Manufacturer category for the 6th time in a row at Bilişim 500.

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