e-Dispatch: Digitalize your shipping processes and speed up your business!

e-Dispatch allows you to create your delivery notes digitally and stay one step ahead of your competitors by accelerating shipment processes and trade.

What is e-Dispatch?

e-Dispatch is the digital version of printed dispatches issued for logistics activities. All taxpayers that meet the conditions stipulated by the Revenue Administration are required to use e-Dispatches. e-Dispatch, which is easy to issue digitally, contains information about the issuing company, recipient, dispatch date and time, and the goods being transported. Therefore, the probability of the staff using the application experiencing adaptation problems after e-Transformation is very low.

  • What Are the Advantages of e-Dispatch?

    e-Dispatch solutions offered to taxpayers since 2018 include the following essential advantages that will increase efficiency and profitability for businesses:

    Reduce costs

    You can reduce many of your printing expenses, including stationery expenses, by using e-Dispatches. You can perform archiving and distribution processes digitally and save workforce costs.

    Quick Business Processes

    Electronic dispatch solutions accelerate business processes, which stand out with their convenient user experience. You can quickly prepare your dispatch notes and issue them to relevant parties instantly.

    Contribution to Environmental Protection

    You can significantly reduce your use of paper in logistics activities by using e-Dispatch applications. Thanks to this advantage, which reduces your needs for extra space and workforce to a certain degree, you can help protect the environment.

    Information Security

    e-Dispatch allows you and your customer’s information to be stored in a much safer environment. Only you and your authorized staff can access the information digitally stored.

    In addition to the above advantages, eLogo e-Dispatch solutions will offer you many more privileges.

    For example:

    Compliance with all ERP and accounting programs

    eLogo e-dispatch solutions can easily be integrated into existing ERP program and software. This helps users complete their switch with ease.

    Easy Delivery by SMS

    You can issue your e-Dispatches quickly and without contact to your customers via SMS. Using this feature which helps save time which you can instead use to make deliveries where necessary.

    Quick and Precise Solutions to Problems

    You can always contact eLogo’s experienced staff for the most accurate answers to every question that comes to your mind about the e-Dispatch application.

    Training Updated in Accordance With Legislation

    You can benefit from the training content that will make your business processes more efficient and eliminate the possibility of mistakes during the application.

    Excellent Support

    With eLogo, from the moment you start using the e-Dispatch application, you can instantly access our technical support and solutions for all your questions or problems quickly and safely, regardless of your current software.

Turkey’s “e” is the best integrator for the 6th time!

We received the first prize for the “e-Invoice, e-Ledger, e-Archive Services of the Year Award” in the Turkey-based Manufacturer category for the 6th time in a row at Bilişim 500.

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