e-Dispatch: Digitalize your shipping processes and speed up your business!

e-Dispatch allows you to create your delivery notes digitally and stay one step ahead of your competitors by accelerating shipment processes and trade.

What is e-Dispatch?

e-Dispatch is the digital version of printed dispatches issued for logistics activities. All taxpayers that meet the conditions stipulated by the Revenue Administration are required to use e-Dispatches. e-Dispatch, which is easy to issue digitally, contains information about the issuing company, recipient, dispatch date and time, and the goods being transported. Therefore, the probability of the staff using the application experiencing adaptation problems after e-Transformation is very low.

What is e-Dispatch?

Turkey’s “e” is the best integrator for the 6th time!

We received the first prize for the “e-Invoice, e-Ledger, e-Archive Services of the Year Award” in the Turkey-based Manufacturer category for the 6th time in a row at Bilişim 500.

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