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e-Transformation can be defined as the transfer of the activities of individuals and institutions to the digital environment quickly, saving money and time by using information technologies.

Online Account Statement

Thanks to the Online Account Summary application developed by eLogo, you can instantly view your bank, branch and account-based balance information in any currency from a single platform, and you can easily transfer your bank account activities to your ERP solution and create your accounting records. Become a member and try it for free for 30 days without any restrictions.

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Akbank Banking

Try the Akbank integration and bring your business into the future while saving time and increasing efficiency.

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Check and Invoice Discount

With the ERP Check and Invoice Discount app, you can send your checks and invoices to integrated factoring companies and inquire whether you can convert your deferred receivables into cash earlier than their due date.

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You can make your purchase statements, sales statements, and current balance reconciliations via eLogo’s e-Reconciliation system. If reconciliation cannot be reached, you can compare the statements you exchanged on the system to determine the differences.

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eLogo e-Collection

With the eLogo e-Collection product, you can collect your receivables with a credit or debit card via virtual POS in digital environment. Moreover, by adding a payment link button to applications such as e-Invoice, e-Archive Invoice or e-Reconciliation, you can receive digital payment by card.

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